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Crompton Greaves inaugurates its first Global Design Centre for motors

Avantha Group Company CG opened its very first Global Design Centre, or G.D.C., in Bhopal, India thereby boosting its support to customers globally for ever-evolving market needs in oil and gas, cement, mining and metals, water treatment, electrical transportation, power, to name a few. The Global Design Centre's key markets would include countries spread across South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

CG's Global Design Centre is unique insofar as being the nerve centre of the design and development of advanced technological solutions for CG's projects globally. It will synergise teams across regions, cross-pollinate ideas, co-create, and deploy best practices leading to the optimisation of CG's global network of engineering resources and manufacturing facilities to consequence highly integrated innovative products and technologies.

The product portfolio would cover commercial motors and highly engineered medium voltage motors and generators that will be developed as per customer demand in a single location. Other offerings include LV/MV Motors up to 25 MW, Synchronous Machines up to 70 MVA and the LV/MV development of AC drives.

CG's global technology pool will thrive through effective international collaboration, and with the support of 90 local service centres in more than 15 countries. G.D.C. currently has over 150 designers working globally. The centre is designated to offer a centralised system of customising CG's products that would reflect global standards across geographies.

CG's Global Research Centre in Mumbai is the hub of technology development for all of CG's businesses. By integrating the G.D.C. in Bhopal, it further reinforces CG's global network of centres located in Canada, Belgium, Spain, Newark Hungary, Germany, Sweden and India. The G.D. C will support, address and sustain the current and emerging business objectives of CG's Industrial portfolio.

Commenting on the inauguration of the new facility, Avantha Group Company CG's CEO and Managing Director Laurent Demortier said "The Global Design Centre reiterates CG's commitment towards developing energy-efficient and technologically advanced products of a high quality that require a minimum long-term investment and that reduce lead time in the market. The G.D.C. enables synergies of expertise by closely integrating CG's centres of excellence around the globe, for the purpose of fuelling innovation and accelerating development".