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About us

EMR Brighton Ltd was established way back in 1967 after the return from years of maintaining the electric motors in the copper mines of Southern Rhodesia . The main business back then was the Rewinding and repairs of Electric Rotating machines both AC and DC. The rewinding business was striving throughout the 70s and 80s and it was around the mid 90s that the influx of imported low cost motors started to arrive in the UK. This soon started to have a negative effect on the rewinding Industry and many of the larger independent companys closed there doors during this period. EMR realised that the repair business for the smaller electric motors was now in danger so started to supply new replacements rather than repairs.

The company is still Family owned and over the years has also been Involved in the design and development of many exciting industry products such as the development of  electric car engines for a very famous sports car , electric throttle linkages for fighter jets and wind turbines to name just a few,So yes we know a Good Electric Motor when we see one.

Thats where CG (CROMPTON Greaves as we have known it )Comes in, The motors have so many standard features and the build quality is rarely found on motors in the UK today so when the oppertunity to team up with CG came along we jumped at the chance to Distribute throughout the UK what we feel is possibly one of the best products available in the Electric Motor marketplace Today.

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We will use our extensive industry contacts to set up a comprehensive nationwide stockists portfolio which can be found on the home page of this website. All geographical areas will be covered and the stockists contact telephone numbers will be available so you can find the closest solution possible for your replacement High quality CG electric motors.

If you are interested to become a stockist for the CG range of electric motors and cover a Town or City not listed on our map please call us on 01273 494615.

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